What we do

Our houses are constructed with high-quality slowly grown northern European spruce which is dried in kiln-drying machines and carefully sorted.

You can choose from our full service which includes design, supply and installation of the log cabin at your site. We also include a full de-clean at the end of the project to leave your new cabin in ‘show room’ condition. For the DIY enthusiast, you can choose to have the cabin delivered for you to erect in your own time. We offer staged payments for these affordable homes.

Affordable Cabins Ireland are the only company in Ireland to offer a round log construction (44, 68, 88, 134mm). We also supply 'twin-log' construction (44 & 68mm). As roof options, we offer metal, shingle and slate. We are a member of the national guide of master craftsmen, so you can be assured of the quality of our work.

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Who we are

Affordable cabins Ireland have over 17 years’ experience of designing, supplying and fitting log cabins in Ireland. This is a family owned business, that was set up by Ian Phelan, who pride themselves on both the quality of the product and the high customer service they deliver.

You can select a house that would be perfect in your garden, a beautiful summer house for cozy living, a natural log cabin for leisure activities, or even a shed for practical use. People have always loved wood construction for its natural internal warmth.

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